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Michael the Wildlife Detective- Hardcover Children's Book
  • Michael the Wildlife Detective- Hardcover Children's Book


    When critters crawl into your home, don't fret! Call Michael the wildlife detective. He uses his special investigative skills to figure out which animals have decided to make your house their

    own and how to safely and humanely stop them in their tracks.

    Author Michael Birt, a wildlife biologist, shares with readers the importance of treating wild animals and nature with respect and kindness--even when they end up in unnatural spaces and cause inconvenience for their human neighbors. He highlights the importance of finding compassionate solutions to pesky problems and explains why some animals may wander from their wild homes into our own.

    This book is a perfect educational read for children 2nd through 5th grade. When ordered through our website you will receive a signed copy of the book. The proceeds go to Researchwild's efforts to help global conservation efforts and increase conservation education. 

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